• 22nd edition Heemskerk Cup

    14th and 15th August 2021

  • our main sponsor

1st Mai 2020

CoviD19 makes edition 2020 to be canceled

As you have already heard and experienced from the media, the government has announced various measures to contain the Covid-19 virus. These measures have consequences for all of us and therefore also for our tournament.
With the measure that no events may be held until the 1st of September, we have also taken the decision that the Heemskerk Cup / JST can’t take place.
In addition to the Dutch measures, we also have to deal with international regulations when organizing and playing our tournament. For example, entering and leaving, quarantines, etc. and the uncertainty until when these remain in force. Given the current situation it is therefore impossible to continue our tournament.
That is why, in consultation with our main sponsor Strandhotel Hoge Duin and the board of Odin ’59, we have decided to postpone the 22nd edition of the Heemskerk Cup / JST to 2021.

Our thoughts are at all the victims of this Pandemy.


We wish you strength and recovery on behalf of the organisation 

Heemskerk Cup and Hotel Het Hoge Duin.


2nd April 2020

What an incredible sad time whe live right now.  CoVid 19 rules our lives.  We feel compassion with the victims of this disease. There is a lot insecure .

Due to that, we decide at the beginnig of June, what to do.  August is not close yet, and we can prepare a lot of security to role out a save and healthy Tournament.

Together with de clubs, Sponsors and volunteers we are sure to make the right decision.

We wish everybody good health and

#staysafe  #Stayathome


Set the Date!

Our next edition of the Tournament is set!  The weekend of 8th and 9th of August 2020.  We are heading our defenit number of participants allready!!  Normally we start up with subscriptions during March… 

At the end of Mai 2020 we will anounce the complete line up.



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    Tournament Location

    Sportpark ODIN’59 Hoflaan 1 1967 NE Heemskerk The Netherlands