In this section you will find our tournament information.

The Heemskerk Cup lasts allredy 22 editions, former known as JST tournament.
Our tournament will be held in the second weekend of August.  Participating teams must be qualified in the highest regions of the national leauques.  Its two days of competative soccer, but many teams calculate extra training or groupcohesion the week before or after. Why?  Heemskerk is super locatedfor this purpose. With twenty minutes from Amsterdam (Airport) and ten minutes drive to the beachline.  Our main sponsor helds its quality hotel at this seaside with sandy sand.  But also our neighbour, middleaged castle Assumburg is a qualified Hostel which can provide in many needs.

Our tournament is always visited by many European talentscouts from a variety of leading clubs. 


Tournament Location

Sportpark ODIN’59 Hoflaan 1 1967 NE Heemskerk The Netherlands