1. All games are during  2 x 25 minutes.

2. The first named team in the official program may kickoff and the opponent may choose the side of the field to play on.

3. All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as laid down by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) (current edition), unless specified otherwise in the present regulation.

4. A player who is sent off the field by 2 yellow cards is automatically suspended for the next match. A player who receives a direct red card may be ruled out for several games, depending on the gravity of the offense.

5. The games are controlled by referees from the KNVB, the decisions of the referees are binding.

6. Each referee during the tournament is assisted by two neutral assistant referees.

7. The final ranking in the pools is as follows:

A. The number of match points earned;
B. The goal difference;
C. The result of the mutual match;
D. The highest number of goals scored;
E. Penalties.

8. With a tie in the games for the crossfinals and the places 3-8 in the U17 and U19 competition there will be taken penalties immediately. If there’s a tie in the final the match will be followed by 2×7.5 minutes in order to force a decision. If the score is still equal after this, it is also followed by a series of penalty kicks.

9. If penalties must force the decision, both teams must use 5 different players to take them. If there’s still no decision then the other players must take the penalty kicks. All players on the field after the end signal of the referee must have taken a penalty kick before a player may take a penalty kick for the second time.

10. Each team is required to be on the field in time. If a team is not on the field 5 minutes after the specified time then their opponent will win the match with 3-0.

11. With the same team colors, or club colors that are poorly differentiated, the team that was first stated in the match program must appear in a shirt with a different color. In questionable cases, the referee will decide what to do.

12. Every team must provide the tournament organization with a players list stating the players’ name, first name, date of birth and shirt number beforehand. The number of players on the list is unlimited.

13. If, for whatever reason, the original players list is ignored without permission of the tournament organization, the offending team will be disqualified and any matches they may have played will be declared invalid and result in a 3-0 win for their opponent(s).

14. If a match is discontinued, the tournament organization will decide in consultation with the referee committee on the action(s) to take. The decision of the organization is binding.

15. There may be up to five players (including the goalkeeper), with permission of the referee, changed during the game. A swap is not allowed, so a player in a particular match that has been changed may not return later.

16. Officials and players at the tournament should handle their own insurance against illness and accidents during their stay in the Netherlands.

17. If a team does not appear on the tournament or withdraws while having confirmed their participation already, that team will be reported to the FIFA/UEFA and they can also expect a financial claim from the tournament organization.

18. At a full or partial cancellation of the tournament, the organization can’t be held liable for the costs incurred or to be incurred.

19. In all cases where this regulation is not anticipated, the tournament organization will decide on what to do.

20. Winners of the tournament are expected to make an immediate decision on their participation in 2019.